Infant-Driven Feeding — 0.05 CEU

Infant-Driven Feeding — 0.05 CEU


Purchase the Infant-Driven Feeding course and earn CEU credit for listening to Glass Half Full podcast episodes. Simply purchase the course, listen to the episode (either on the website or through your preferred podcasting app), successfully complete the episode-based quiz, and you can earn 0.05 CEU credit!

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Jess and Natalie talk with Nicole Habovick about the emerging science supporting infant-driven feeding protocols. These protocols are being implemented in NICUs, with the goal of transitioning babies more quickly from tube feeding to bottle or nipple feeding. With this client-centered approach, care providers respond to signs of hunger and satiation by the baby to initiate and stop feeding. This is in contrast to the current practice of timed feedings and volume-driven feedings. Nicole helps us identify optimal candidates for this approach, and strategies for increasing success. She also shares her experiences with program development and implementation in a high-risk practice setting.

Prerequisites: None

Requirements: Upon completion of the podcast episode and successful completion of the post-test (100% accuracy), learners will be awarded 0.5 contact hours (.05 CEU).

Content Level: Intermediate

Learning Outcomes:

  1. Participants will identify the difference between infant-driven feeding and usual care
  2. Participants will recognize the signs of readiness for feeding
  3. Participants will explain the role of OT in infant-driven feeding in a NICU setting

Classification Codes:

  1. Intervention implementation
  2. Activities of daily living

Instructors: Jessica Kersey and Natalie Barnes

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