Managing the Fieldwork Crisis
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Natalie and Jess talk with Dr. Arameh Anvarizadeh, Fieldwork Coordinator at West Coast University about the state of fieldwork education in occupational therapy. We discuss the benefits (and there are many!) of taking students, and ways to manage the challenges that are commonly experienced by busy practitioners. We also discuss helpful resources, as well as strategies to become better mentors to students. Finally, we discuss alternative fieldwork models currently under consideration within occupational therapy.


Occupational Therapy Fieldwork Survival Guide: A Student Planner by Bonnie Napier

Professionalism Across Occupational Therapy Practice by Elizabeth Deiuliis

Clinical Supervision in Occupational Therapy: A guide for fieldwork and practice by Donna Costa

2nd Edition The Essential Guide to Occupational Therapy Fieldwork Education: Resources for Educators and Practitioners edited by Donna Costa