Glass Half Full
Cancer-Related Cognitive Dyfunction

Inside the Episode

Jess and Natalie interview Rachelle Brick about the role of occupational therapy in assessing and treating cancer-related cognitive dysfunction. We review common causes of cognitive dysfunction following cancer treatments, and common presentations of symptoms. We also discuss the psychosocial impact of cognitive changes resulting from cognitive changes and cancer treatment.

Content Level: Introductory


Wefel, J. S., Kesler, S. R., Noll, K. R., & Schagen, S. B. (2015). Clinical characteristics, pathophysiology, and management of noncentral nervous system cancer-related cognitive impairment in adults. Cancer J Clin, 00(00), 00.

Player, L., Mackenzie, L., Willis, K., & Loh, S. Y. (2014). Women’s experience of cognitive changes or “chemobrain” following treatment for breast cancer: A role for occupational therapy? Australian Occupational Therapy Journal.

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